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I left a path of finance, embraced my calling, and leaped into my creative passion. I love collaborating with other creatives to help them realize their goals.

Hey there

Are you tired of figuring out what to write?

I get it. You have so many other things to worry about. Allow me to write your business's content so you don't have to. Ready to get started? I'm only a button click away.

Our Story

Behind the Words

Growing up, I was always able to express myself most through my writing.


I was a little Black girl from the DMV with a huge imagination who channeled all that creativity into writing stories, who grew into a teenager who spilled her heart out in poetry, who became a young woman who wrote passionate blogs celebrating Black culture and the issues our community faced. But it wasn’t until 2000 that I finally listened to my inner voice and challenged myself to pursue a career as a writer. I did it all: technical writing, persuasive writing, social media posts, email marketing, campaign communications, and more. Thank goodness I did. These days, I’m fortunate to have translated my skills and experience into a successful career.

I am constantly learning and expanding my literary style and voice, approaching every challenge I come across as an opportunity to grow and develop as a writer.

At The Glistening Pen, our goal is to make your content shine. We focus on custom, culturally relevant copywriting, using tried and true methods (and great writing, of course!) to meet your needs. Whether you want content to sell your product, increase brand awareness, or for customer outreach, The Glistening Pen has your answer.

A Woman Writing by the Window

Your Story

Finding the Words

You have the brand, the product, and an online presence, but for some reason, your message just isn't getting through. You write and rewrite, but no new engagements come your way.


Or maybe you're a brand new business and want copy that says, "We. Are. In. The. Building. and ready to shake things up."


Perhaps you're an already established company, and you want to remind folks of who you are and the absolutely can't-live-without service you provide. Does any of this sound like you?

You may need an experienced copywriter. We can help!

To find out more or to discuss a potential project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Here's a few fun facts about me... 
Let me know how I can help you!


I am obsessed with passion fruit boba. I single-handedly keep my local boba shop in business. (just kidding...kinda)



Years of Writing Experience


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“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”
—Toni Morrison

Meet the team

Get your business in front of customers that are willing to engage and buy your product and services.

Customer Rave

What they said

The written works that I've seen this company produce, is always top shelf. Please keep up the outstanding effort and customer service.

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